Features API

Feature’s are objects that defines the necessary implementation and settings that a Device should or do implement. The Device class of a Scenario instantiates a Feature and uses the (mostly abstract) interface to implement the test Scenario.

On the other side the Device class of a Setup overwrites the (mostly abstract) Feature implementations and defines the real properties and implementation methods in that overwritten class.

Basic Feature

The basic Feature class is the master class of every scenario.

class balder.Feature(**kwargs)

This is the basic feature class. It represents an abstract class that should not be used directly. It is the base class for all feature elements.

property active_mapped_device: Union[None, Type[_balder.vdevice.VDevice]]

This property returns the active mapped Device

property active_vdevice: Union[None, Type[_balder.vdevice.VDevice]]

This property returns the active VDevice that is active here

property active_vdevice_device_mapping: Tuple[Union[None, Type[_balder.vdevice.VDevice]], Union[None, Type[_balder.device.Device]]]

This property returns the mapped device that is active here

active_vdevices: Dict[_balder.vdevice.VDevice, Union[_balder.device.Device, str]]

this property contains the active mapping for the devices