BalderHub - the share place of tests


Please note that this part of the documentation is not yet finished. It will still be revised and updated.

Balder’ grand vision is to create a shared place for open-source testing-projects. We call them BalderHub packages. These packages are normal python packages. You can easily install them like normal and simply include them into your specific project. That allows you to reuse scenario and feature implementation by your own. You only have to provide your custom implementation that really depends on your device, but not the general test logic.

Along the way these balderhub-* packages provide some common implementation too, so you only need to implement your application specific code, but you can reuse different test devices. The idea is that you can access a wide range of different tests where a lot of clever minds has already think about. You simply have to inherit from their scenarios, add the specific setup-device feature code for your device and go for it. Different mock functions, helper devices or complete testable implementations of remote devices (for example a dhcp server for dhcp-client tests) are already provided in these BalderHub project. This helps you and your team to develop test a lot of faster.


Balder is a very young project. Unfortunately, this also means that we do not have so many BalderHub projects at the moment.

We need your help here. There are a lot of people in this world, that are experts in the thing they are doing and exactly these experts we need here.

Do you know one area really well? Do you like the concept of Balder? Think about to initiate an own BalderHub project. Take a look into our Balder GitHub Group and feel free to contribute to an existing project or create your own one. If you are not secure if your subject already exist or if you are searching for some colleagues to develop a BalderHub project within a group, fell free to create an issue or start a new discussion.

If you want to add your package within the BalderHub projects, just ask for help by creating an issue in the main hub project.

Where can I search for?

Our idea is that all public BalderHub packages are contained in our BalderHub GitHub Group. Of course you can create a package by your own too, but if you want to share it easily with the community it is the best way to move your repository to our BalderHub GitHub Group. With this it is also available on the BalderHub Entry Page webpage and under<your project>.

How can I use them?

You can use a BalderHub project easily by installing it into your python environment. For this you can use pip. The public BalderHub projects are published on PyPi <>.

Which scenarios are used?

If you want to use a scenario of a BalderHub project, you have to create a new scenario class in your project and inherit from the installed package. For example, if you want to use the scenario ScenarioExample of the project balderhub-example, you have to create a new scenario file in your project and imports the BalderHub scenario:

# file tests/scenarios/
from balderhub.example.scenarios import ScenarioExample

With that the whole scenario will be active and all test methods of the scenario ScenarioExample will be used. Of course your setup-devices have to implement the features of the scenario-devices too.

How create my own BalderHub project?

If you want to contribute to a existing BalderHub project or if you want to create a new BalderHub project, but still have some questions, feel free to create an issue or start a new discussion. Your contribution is really appreciated.